Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bloody Monday

I should tell this story on monday (yesterday) but I keep it till today when I'm ready. When it less hurts and more funny to think of then.

I cut my own hand yesterday. My left forefinger for a simple stupid reason.
That's fifth fasting day, I've got my period and it just 8.30 in the morning. I lost my mood somewhere need a booster soon and as usually coffee is the nearest boosterfriend I can find. I rush to the kitchen and after boiling water, prepare my cup and to put some coffee I need to open the packaging first, I'm in a hurry and feel bad for my coworker, he's a coffee addict too and to know he's trying to keep up with fasting day I must finish this soon.
So to cut extra time I decided to open it with knife. Because scissors is at my desk and other coworker will know that I making coffee. Which makes me feel uncomfortable. *sigh*
While preparing my coffee I try to find the reason why today feeling drowsy and gloomy because I never really hate monday don't really care if it monday or not since I worked the day before which is Sunday. Then why I can't focus with what am doing right now.
Oh right I've got my period.
That reason overused for centuries. But... still maybe that's the real reason?
I try my best to open the coffee seal, the first time it didn't work and the second time I did it plus open my index finger too. Too bad when realize I just cut my own finger while i supposed to do a simple task.
I gasp oh my god. Too loud I think, because my friend start asking what happen with me.
I answer, "oh nothing I just got juice back here. A bloddy juice." 😂
When they see me they screams like yeah right like Quinn, when the man who wearing a gas mask start reaching her.
A couple blood drops on the floor and I try to clean my bloody hand at the kitchen sink, I bet they can see my blood dripping trough the water and they panicked.
And it get funny when I'm the one who asked them to get chill, asking someone to get tissues and clean up the mess with my right hand while my other hand still covered with blood.
To stop the blood I put some coffee powder to my cut, feels itchy and stung but it works. I read somewhere at the internet for this tips, perhaps can save other people but I just saved my self. Hail google.

The only laugh I have that day is envisage will spend rest of my day with a grimace of pain.

At night I considering again what happen and why have this kind of stupid thing this morning. And wanna slaps my own face when remembered I was told to my self that need some prove whether time really heal the pain.
I put Tieh Ta Yao Gin on my forefinger trying to ignore burning taste and go to sleep.

In the morning, my finger not feel so hurt anymore. It heals, literally.
For something in this world, time do heal the pain. Like a cut at my finger. I put medicine I put extra attention, and it just fine even sometime I forget about the cut and used it to type it feels like bitten by ants. A hundred ants.
I realize the same thing with our heart. Just need more time more attention more love since we can't see where's the cut exactly, perhaps time will heal this heart too. Not too much I hope.
Sadly, some people think that they really need it from other people and when they got it they just become frightened and runaway from it.
Maybe they finally conclude no one will heal their pain better than them self. At least they realized it.

23 Juni 2015
Excuse my bad english. I love to please all grammar nazi. Now you can laugh. You're most welcome.

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