Monday, 20 April 2015

Do You?

Do you love yourself?
Do you love yourself by default
Do you love yourself knowingly there is no one will do?
No one will love you like you
Do you love yourself because you are too afraid to let others people love you?
too scared to let them know how you feel?
Can't trust them try to love you with their own way?
Are you too selfish to share your love?
Does it really hurt that the last time you give all you have willingly and it comes to an end, to pointless path, nowhere left to hide, and  even think that you can hurt yourself if it gonna make it ok, to make it all right again, without you?
Is it hurt enough for you, and finally choose to do anything all by yourself and for the sake your own sane?
Do you love yourself because you can't trust either love anyone again?
Do you?
Don't you?
I do
I don't
For most of the questions
Do you love yourself enough so no need anyone to love you anymore? 

Ditulis 20 April 15
Akhirnya posting lagi 21 Juni 2015 dengan penambahan di sana-sini. Maaf untuk sok enggres-nya.

*Draft is wonderfull I wish I can keep you in there too.