Thursday, 22 September 2011

To Be Annoying Person!

"You could please anyone, just put on your mask everywhere, and there you go!"

Any "How to be annoying person" book everywhere?
At bookstore? EBay? Or on someone's blog maybe?

Why am I asking this?
Bored with this all plastic in face and smile everywhere
I think you don't need to read any book to learn how to please someone, just do everything they told you. Do it without asking, and do it perfectly as it said.
Agreed them, on every situation, every condition. Then you just become one of them
Or in my language become....... Their slave! :).

So how if, I want to be annoying person?
What should I do? Only reverse the main theory of how to please everyone?
Where I can get that manual book?
How long I have to do it?
And how far people will understand Until they start hate you, run away from you?
Or how long we should do some annoying behaviour until they get piss off then ignore if that you ever exist?

Am I crazy to be have this stranges mind after all?
I just have some friend with this annoying look, before they do anything, people already hate them, stay away, and act like never heard any of them.
And did you know how tired to be one of them?
Or have you ever think this annoying person, should be your friends, family, or even important people in the future?
Who knows?
No one could tell us what gonna happen exactly tomorrow.

Why they are so annoying?
One thing you just have to know, they were people, with two perspective, adore you, or hate you to the bone!
And one excuses, maybe, they come to pay back your karma on your old life.
I said who the hell knows?
We just guessing, and we always wrong, right?

Who am I so curious with this stupid question?
I am just me, a pocket full of surprises,
You, they, and everyone will hard to breath, if I tell the truth!
Perhaps I am not one of this, but honestly, lately I wonder and pretend to be one of them.
I need it. Not to survive, but to explore how these people could live with that freaky behaviour.
I need to know how to live together with people I don't like, either like me.
I need to know how they feel inside
I need to understand how smart they are to make people hate them, then annoy them, and suddenly become someone on high level to get revenge to this smart ass of the world. Some people, who thinks they're so special. :)
Some people, who thinks they're not annoying. :)

I'm not smart, that's why I learn,
My lesson, I need to learn lately, How Become Annoying Person? Than pretending you are
As good as angel, let think about it, from their perspective, from their heart, and minds. Pretend to understand how it's feels, how bad it hurt them.

We all wearing a mask, on our face, but not put that on our heart. :)
Are you sure you're not one of them? Ask your self! :)

(L), 22 September 2011