Thursday, 3 September 2015

I do

Do i ever in my life make very bad decission?
Yes. I do made bad decission for temporary happiness.
I ruined my own life and some other.
I ruined my self because i don't believe or not anymore have faith in me, my self and others.
I am broken
And whats make me feel hurts i already put all my heart in everything i left behind now i'm empty.
It's all my fault.
It's all my decissions
And i put someone else to suffered with me.
Do i regret it? Yes.
Honestly most of time i have think about it a lot again and again, and there are thousand "what if" 
But i've choosed
Maybe it's too late
Maybe it's not
Maybe i'd better this way
Maybe i should burn my self to ash
Or stop breathing forever
Do i feel sad?
Yes i do
But i have to smile.
Most of time if i dont want to hurt my self when people feel sorry for me.
But one thing for sure
I wouldn't fell broken heart anymore
I already broke it into pieces.

There it goes...
03 Sep 2015